about erdesign

We are inspired by life, the air blows ideas and our hands embody on paper


Miguel Angel Ramis founded estudi ramis as interior design studio and independent architecture having worked for years in studies associated in France and Spain, JML Architects, Espai Fly. 

Our work is set to contribute in the best way in the development of design and architecture projects in a creative context and studying customer needs.

Design and functionality merge creating a symbiosis in natural creative process, inspiring our work in materials and forms generated by the nature around us.

Sincere projects designed for each space and for each function.


our values

complex simplicity

At the essence is the goal of our work and come to discover is an exciting way.


The painting is finished when the painter, insurance, gives the final brushstroke.

synergy and function

Never lose sight of the function for which we are creating a space, we continue our heads but do not forget the heart.

Our clients

We feel fortunate to be working, thanks.

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awards and contests


2019's Award for Excellence in Interior Design & Architectural Services - Spain



Award for best interior design

Project: Shapel


3Q Magazine 2017 "Hotel Bosch"

Interior Design “flly house” (ed) 2012

Desing Boom - "Concept house Shipping container" (it)

Home DSGN,


IB3 Televisión story about the Feng shui applied to interiorism